What is a Blog? Definition and Meaning

What is a Blog? A common question, and has a simple answer. The blog is a website where articles or posts are displayed in a newest to oldest order.

Any site or blog contains all sort of content, and the content may be in a textual format, photos or videos.

Another real world example would be a notebook or diary that is filled with short stories and you are reading it from the last page. On a blog or website, these entries or articles or posts, that are displayed in a reverse chronological order.

Another important feature of a blog is a comment section, where other people can share their views and it’s found after each article (scroll down to see one).

There are few more jargons for newbies that are commonly used on a blog.

1. Blogging – the act of writing. (i am writing / blogging right now)
2. Blogger – a person who write articles/post on a blog.

So, if anybody ask you What is a blog? then you should answer that it’s a website that contains articles/posts in a reverse chronological order.

Easy isn’t it. Now you know what a blog is, the next step from here is to find out more about blogging.

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