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Blogging for money is not a new thing in 2017, many bloggers do it including me. Recently I came across the power of affiliate income stream and hence I have been exploring the options. Affiliate programs like Shareasale, CJ are well known, and now I started my quest with Warriorforum. The brilliant thing about Warriorforum is that they have the exclusive deals and attractive landing pages, which helps in converting the users into customers, and hence you make money.

You will find all kind of deals on WarriorForum especially made for Bloggers, Webmasters, SEO, Internet marketers, etc. so keep that in mind, if your niche is related to these fields then only you can benefit from Warrior Plus affiliate.

WarriorPlus : The only way to Join Warrior forum Affiliate

Warrior plus site is the first thing you need to open to become the affiliate for Warrior forum. By simply joining the Warrior plus helper site you will be able to see all the current and previous WSO’s listings under the get offers page.

WarriorPlus get offer page

From the offer page, you can select and apply a particular product to promote and become an affiliate for an item listed there. For becoming an affiliate for a specific product you need to apply for it individually, and the owner of WSO can approve or reject your application, but the chances of being rejected is very less.

Don’t just promote any product on your blog, be choosy in the selection and according to your likes and dislikes you should select the one you want to promote. It is always a good thing to use a product before pushing, and I recommend you to buy the product yourself and use it first.

You will find thousands of products in the listing at WSO, and you don’t have to act greedy choosing every other one. Take your time use a product you like and read all the comments in each forum where the affiliate FAQ’s have been mentioned. It’s a patience game, and you have to mix it with your own smart decisions.

Finally, the main thing is to be choosy about what you want to promote and if you don’t find anything interesting, leave it. You may also use the Shareasale, CJ, and Clickbank for various other categories for affiliate marketing.

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