How Can You Measure The Success of Blogging and Give A Fight To Your Competitors

In the Digital Marketing world, there is never a shortage of parameters against which you will be able to measure the success of your blog or website.

Instead this digital world has become the perfect collaboration of all the tools by which you can measure and analyze any activity and Success of Blogging

This measurement and analysis is really important for improvising for the scope of development.

One of the most important measurement parameters is required for the activity called blogging. It is important to mention that whenever you develop a blog, you want it to be successful. 

How Can Bloggers Know About Success of Blogging?

Being successful means that it should have a great number of followers.

At the same point in time, it must be ranked great by Google itself. In such a situation, using the best tool to measure the success of a website becomes very important.

Why Measuring The Success of The Blog Is Important? 

Like a business concerning which the books of accounts are prepared Every Year to calculate the profitability so that it could be discovered if the business should be continued or not, similarly, measuring the blog’s success becomes all the more important. 

It is because of the simple reason that blogging is considered one of the most important activities in the present world.

But the age of digitalization has promoted such a great amount of competition that it has become more important to make sure that the best is obtained and the best is continued. 

That is the reason that measuring the success of the blog becomes all the more important. It is also the reason that it provides a sufficient database for further improvements in the blog’s scope. 

What Are The Tools Required For Measuring The Success of A Blog?

It is now essential to Pay a huge amount of importance to the different tools used to calculate the success of the blog.

Several methods can be employed for effective results. These have been summarized in the following manner. 

  • Organic visits to websites

One of the most common and the easiest measurement tool is the Organic traffic on the blog.

In other words, it is a tool that can measure the number of user names that are logged in to your website. It provides a headcount measure about the number of people and visitors on your website. 

It plays a vital role in capturing new visitors by the appropriate usage of keywords.

It is considered one of the easiest methods to have an idea about the number of people interested in your website. But it does not help us to calculate the productivity ratio. 

  • Blog conversion rate

One of the most commonly associated tools with blogging is lead generation. Therefore the conversion rate plays a vital role in calculating the effectiveness and the productivity of your blog.

In such a situation, it tries to measure the effect of actual visits of the users on the productivity and the sales of the website. 

It helps us calculate the percentage by which the users’ visits got converted into sales and transactions.

It is a very useful tool because it is somehow associated with the profitability and Success of your blog.

Unlike the other methods, it tries to give an exact view about the level of the blog And improvements required. 

  • Blog subscribers

Usually, most blogs have this inbuilt feature of subscriptions. Whenever a new user enters your website, they are prompted with the option of availing of subscriptions.

As a part of this option, the user gets the facility of getting the latest updates from the website without even revisiting it. 

Therefore in such a situation, it becomes easy to calculate the number of people interested in Your Blog.

Of course, an uninterested person would not like to receive updates from the website, which he doesn’t like. 

That is why it attempts to make sure that the number of subscribers provides a fair idea about the users’ interests in the blog.

It is a very helpful tool but cannot be defined as the perfect measure of the blog’s success.

  • Current customer interacting with blog

When reporting on blog metrics gets complicated, it indicates that the customer interaction with the blog has increased to a great extent. Usually, your blog is a display of information for the user. 

The user may develop a certain type of confusion and may want clarifications at the same point in time. In such a situation, the blogs usually provide an interactive chat box to answer all the consumer’s queries. 

In such a situation, if the number of interactions with the user increases day by day, it creates a positive impression that user engagement has increased. But at the same point in time, if there are hardly any queries, they can doubt the blog’s effectiveness.

  • Overall visits to blogs

This is an effective tool to measure the accumulated traffic on the blog the advantage of this tool is that it tries to calculate the time spent by every customer on the blog.

In addition, it also tries to track the movement of the customers on the blog and the different types of options available by them. 

In such a situation, it becomes imperative to mention that it cannot be considered a perfect measurement tool, but if you are looking for an inexpensive option, this may be the best.


All these tools for Success of blogging, which have been explained above, a very necessary in the present digital world.

It is also because of the reason that measuring the success of the blog becomes important.

Otherwise, you would be only wasting your time and energy. Therefore, undertaking this activity at regular intervals becomes much more important.

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