The Best 7+ Quality Health Blogs That You Must Read For A Great Writing Idea

In the absence of good health, your life suffers. You cannot do anything accurately. You feel not only helpless but also depressed. It would help if you spent more time on your health and Wellness. Maintaining your health and Wellness is one of the most important considerations for you. 

The right health blogs that will guide you in a great writing style for your website

Proper maintenance of Health and Wellness can be obtained only if a person takes care of his fitness and nutrition. This article will explain the top Wellness health blogs that motivate people to concentrate on these areas a little more.

1. Ace Insights Blog
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This blog features articles related to fitness. It discusses a variety of topics like yoga and strength training. They have a large number of recommendations that are helpful for the sustenance of a healthy life. It also discusses the simple methods to live a healthy life. It gives an equal amount of importance to both physical and mental health. 

This blog is very famous among dietitians because they try to share their views across this blog to gain a large viewership. It also allows the readers to subscribe to its membership for unravelling for benefits. 

2. The Art of Living
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This is another amazing fitness blog that mainly focuses on the importance of supplements and intensive training. In addition, it discusses the composition of a balanced diet. It also discusses the maintenance of a healthy work-life balance. 

It updates people daily by guarding the latest fitness trends that are developing. This blog primarily focuses on the well-being of mental peace and hence promotes meditation. Moreover, it offers the viewers a customized plan depending on their lifestyle and eating habits. 

3. Well+Good
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If you are looking for a blog containing the secrets to maintain naturally glowing skin, this is the best blog for you. Instead of promoting artificial cosmetics, it promotes healthy natural secrets which enhance the beauty Inside Out. In addition, this blog is known for featuring interviews with the latest fitness experts and beauticians. 

It also publishes a monthly magazine for showering maximum tips regarding fitness and beauty. It promotes herbal and ayurvedic cosmetics in addition to a healthy diet. It focuses on the natural ways to restore beauty. 

4. Bites of Wellness
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Samantha runs this blog. She is one of the most famous personal trainer and nutrition coaches. She has also been awarded the title of fitness Chef. She specializes in the preparation of gluten-free and carbohydrate-free diets. 

Her diet is based on pure nutrition. She tries to promote a healthy lifestyle by bringing a balance between workouts schedules and diet patterns. She also discusses the external factors which impact our health in the worst way. Her lectures are extremely useful for listening. 

5. Eating bird food
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This blog promotes the Holistic nutritional development of human beings. The main objective of this blog is to promote a habit of eating less but eating right. It tries to clarify that being on a diet does not mean killing your taste buds. It shows with its audience amazing diet-conscious recipes which are full of taste. 

This blog tries to explore different dietary patterns like the keto diet and gluten-free diet. It discusses the basic ways to stay fit and healthy. It also offers membership to its users for more benefits. 

6. Health Magazine
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This is another amazing magazine that brings forth amazing secrets of staying fit. It discusses the lifestyle changes and the methods to correct them to remain physically and mentally fit. It discusses the negative effects of sleeping late and eating only junk food. This magazine discusses the hidden ingredients of Indian cuisine that assist in losing weight. 

It does not promote a particular dietary pattern. It instead discusses the pros and cons of different dietary patterns, and it leaves it upon the people to decide which one they should go with. This blog has a great audience and is famous among health freaks.

7. Healthy Place
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This blog specifically focuses on the maintenance of the Mental Health of the people. It believes that no one can stay physically fit until and unless he is not mentally fit. This blog has the expert opinion regarding different types of mental illness. It shares with its users the methods to escape problems like bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder.

 It does not believe in undertaking different mental therapies. Instead, it also focuses on meditation and laughing sessions to ease a person. In addition, this blog engages the depressed person in live interaction with all the health experts to find solutions to the problems.

8. Student minds
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Students these days are career-oriented. They believe in working all the time. However, in the race to come first, they forget to take care of themselves. In such a situation, they forget to take their right diet at the right time. They eat junk, and they eat everything they are not supposed to eat. They also do not have a proper work-life balance. 

All these changes affect the physical and mental health, and they become more prone to fall ill. In such a situation, this blog is essential to make the students understand the importance of health at such an early age. This will help them to prevent any further health complications. 

9. Harvard health blog
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This is one of the most technical and scientific health blogs. It tries to provide a cause-and-effect relationship between the actions and the reactions. It is one of the best well-researched blogs by famous experts and scientists. 

They share their experience with the audience to make them learn the importance of health. It also provides subscription plans to the new voice to satisfy their needs according to their budget. It has different sections for workout and diet plans. You are allowed to choose a combination of the same. 


These health blogs are really helpful to understand the importance of health. In addition, it teaches us the simple ways to maintain this wonderful asset of nature. 

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