A Comprehensive Guide To Explain To You About Guest Blogging


Through Guest blogging, you can tap into current, important audiences and bring your brand to a big batch of new readers.

You need to know, however, how to find and qualify the best guest posting sites, write content that suits the target platform, and reach out to editors in a way that gets you noticed in order to succeed.

Find The Best Sites For Guest Blogging

Reach the target website first with the Viewer Overlap Tool. The target website could be your site, or a competitor’s site that you know has an audience that you want to hit. 

For example, if your brand is connected to the strategy of social media, you can connected to a website that offers similar services. You are targeting social media users, so you know they are visiting a website like this.

Research the site and the editor

The major step is to ask yourself the questions that will help you with the outreach process:

  • Are guest posts on the web published?. If the brand’s team members write all of the posts, they will not allow guest posts.
  • Will the web have guidelines for guest posts? Sites that accept submissions regularly typically provide a connection to their guidelines, often on the site’s footer.
  • Can you find the managing editor’s contact information? Securing a guest post spot successfully also relies on contacting the right person. In order to identify the person responsible for managing guest posts, study the website’s staff, masthead, or business profile on LinkedIn.

Develop creative ideas

Go back to Alexa’s Competitive Analysis Software to build a list of possible topics to blog about.

Refer to the report you generated using the Audience Overlap Tool on related websites. Pick the places that you have listed as good opportunities and run the Keyword Matrix of Competitors.

When you run the Competitor Keyword Matrix, a list of the top keywords appearing on the pages you have selected is presented to you. A popularity ranking (which indicates how much audiences use the term in search) and a competition ranking are part of each keyword (which indicates how difficult it is to rank for the term).

How the keyword relates to each site is also shown in the study.

Crucial things to keep in mind when writing a guest blog

Looking out for the best ways in which you can write a good guest post, let us discuss some of the key points to be kept in mind:

The blog must funnel an outcome

You’re given a little room in the post for a biography every time you do a guest post, with a link (as well as a few in-post links) that can guide readers back to your blog. Tap away, and you will probably end up on a home page or a beautifully done but relatively unrelated post (usually with a good amount of tweets or comments). What you need to do is funnel individuals to a particular result.

Follow the niche of famous bloggers

Simply put, referencing other sites with broad audiences in your guest post appearances is one of the best ways to grow a new blog. This method, though obvious to others, has many advantages. First of all, it associates you with those professionals.

Secondly, you can leverage the sheer awesomeness of their contact lists if you drop a handy email or Tweet before the guest post goes live. They will at least tweet your guest post most of the time and thus connect themselves to your content.

This is also a good promotion which will be enjoyed by your “host blog.” And thirdly, with those bloggers, it opens the door. They’ll have an idea of who you are when you give them a guest post, and they’ll be so much more open to taking a look at what you’re giving them.

Connect one post with several other posts

One of the best things I ever discovered about guest blogging was that to build buzz for your own blog, you can exploit the fame of your guest post. In fact, I learned it in reverse, and when I did a post about the best About Us pages and Listed Copy blogger, a good blogger commented on my niche, and this gave me a kick start.

Keep your anchor text in mind

The text you are using when you connect to a post is anchor text. For Search engine rankings, your choice of anchor text is hugely significant. We all know that relevant backlinks help us rank better on Google, but in what particular keywords we rank for, the anchor text of those backlinks also plays a large role.

You should also have done keyword research when you do a guest post and know precisely what sentences you want to rate for, depending on how much traffic they carry and how competitive they are. Know, for the next ten years, you want your guest post to get you Google’s love.


A strategic way to communicate with your target audience on other blogs that they use is guest blogging outreach. It extends your reach and encourages your brand. But if you get noticed by editors and get published on the right sites, you can only use blogger outreach effectively.

To get the Audience Overlap Tool, Competitor Keyword Matrix, and other SEO resources that ensure you contact the right sites with the best pitches, sign up for a trial of our Advanced Plan.

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