How to Choose a Topic and Domain Name for your Blog

In recent bloggers meet in my city, I got one question which is always asked to me is what should you blog about? What is a profitable niche?

My first answer to this is “do you want to make money online or just want to write for the sake of it?”

Most of the time bloggers don’t know what to blog about, and it’s a common thing, you are not alone, many bloggers face it.

Do solve this issue, there is a simple solution, you just need to find what you love.

Which is again a big problem, people don’t know what they actually love?

So, to solve this puzzle, I usually have an answer telling people about the thing you don’t get bored doing.

If you can answer questions like – which is the thing you can read about till 3 AM? or which is the thing that can wake you up willingly at 4 AM? or may be what is the thing people compliment you about? I think these answers will find you something that you can start working on.

So, before moving ahead and making a marketing plan for your blog, decide and check whether your topic is likeable to you?

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I am sure you will find and then build an empire once you find your real passion.

Famous bloggers like Arianna Huffington, who sold her blog in $300 million was passionate about her topic, and you just need to focus on yours.

So, take a day or two, think about what comes easily to you? what are those activities that give you high energy? And you will find your niche, your topic to blog upon.

And to answer which niche will make you more money is the same thing you are passionate about.

Now you know about your blog topic, let’s see some really great ways to select a domain name.

Best Domain Name Generators

Choosing a domain can be tricky at times, to solve this problem we have this list of best domain name generator that do it pretty well.

In this dynamic online world, we only need to get our hands on the correct tool or service and we can build upon that initial push to do wonders, with this concept whenever we start a website the first thing that really concern us is the domain name and to generate the perfect domain name you need some extra special tools that can give you many options depending on your niche and keywords.

Below you will find ten best domain name generator for that perfect domain you are finding.

domain name generators


To discover some new, interesting and eccentric ideas for domain names, Domainr has to be the first choice. You got an option of searching over 1300 generic TLDs and 1700 top level domains and it links you to more than 200 accredited registrars.

Name Mesh

Its another great service that has a unique way of showing domains as it gives the definition for the different types of domain results. That combines with SEP and uncommon and common domain names and some fun.

It has good filters that take care of already taken domain names, with clear interface this is my second choice for domain name generator. Get smart domain name suggestions using synonyms, suffixes, prefixes, short url, new gtlds to find the perfect domain name.

Lean Domain Search

Lean Domain Search helps you find a great available domain name in seconds. One of the most innovative way that show different domain names in a very short time.

It adds prefix and suffix terms to the keyword you have searched a domain name for. And tracking feature can help you a lot, with choosing domains with appropriate names.


BustAName lets you enter words and it will try every combination and tell you which are available. Worth trying for people looking to generate new ideas and options.

These are the top domain name generators.

The next step after selecting a domain name is to get hosting and install your WordPress

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