A list of Best Blogging Sites you must try in 2021


If you are interested in becoming a famous influencer or a blogger, you should try amazing websites that offer you hosting facilities, to begin with your website. This is because of the reason that these websites provide you with a readymade domain on which you can easily begin your website without indulging in any other kind of formalities that might have to be complied with before hosting your personal website. Furthermore, these readymade websites which allow you to host are really helpful because not only are they cost-effective, but they also have readymade design templates for you to give a beautiful look to your blogging website. 

However, since there are so many blogging websites in the present world, it becomes essential for you to pick and choose one. Therefore, this article attempts to list down the famous blogging websites which are trending in this present world. 

The list of best blogging services you must try.

However, it is essential to mention that every blog requires a domain, and this domain is expensive. This domain is charged, and hence, the domain-holder is required to pay some fixed amount of charges every month. Many people are not able to pay these charges. Therefore, various websites provide an inbuilt hosting platform to the different websites without the need to spend vast sums of money. This article attempts to summarize the list of the hosting websites which are available at a nominal value.

1. WordPress

This has become one of the most famous hosting websites that provide Amazing design templates to different customer types according to the needs. It can be rented at an extremely less cost. It has broad coverage across different social media platforms. It has an inbuilt mechanism to upgrade the popularity of the websites and allows the users to gain more success. 

2. Bluehost

If you want to create an effortless blog and decorate the same with more than a hundred plus themes, then this is the best website for you to choose. This is the only website that provides you 24 by seven local support and a money-back guarantee if any damages are caused to your website. Moreover, it provides access to a free domain for six months, and after that, it charges a minimum cost of Rs 175 per month. It even has the facility of Search Engine Optimisation to boost the popularity of the blog.

3. Wix

This is another website that allows bloggers to develop a website for the blog. It is free for startups and other kinds of research professionals. It is a perfect place for posting design blogs and travel blogs. It has amazing things and beautiful themes to decorate your blog. It also allows you to share your blog across different types of websites. In addition, it also tries to provide the blogger with an easy interface.

4. Linkedin

If you are looking for a professional platform to host a block related to Academics or all different professions, then no other blogging website is better than LinkedIn. As the name suggests, it tries to create a link across different partners and people across the different corners of the world. It also ensures easy connectivity across the different parts of the world without charging any extra cost. Different types of professionals highly use this.

5. Weebly

If you want to create a blogging website for free, this is the perfect destination. It is extremely helpful to enable the blogger to promote this blog without charging any extra cost. It has been designed to meet the present technology’s needs and accordingly deliver an extremely easy user interface to the user. 

6. Squarespace

This is another hosting website that is gaining a tremendous amount of popularity. This hosting space is provided on a monthly basis. It opens multiple facilities in the best possible manner. At the same time, there is a need to make sure that the hosting service is available free from any types of trojan attacks. It keeps the data safe to the best extent. 

7. Web.com

This is an exceptionally reasonably priced database, which plays a vital role in recording the maximum amount of data. It offers a vast storage capacity. The interface of the website is straightforward to learn. It is user-friendly. It has no lags. Instead, the rental charges are also very reasonable. People usually like to orient themselves with the services in the best possible way. 

8. Site 123

If you are looking to host an entertainment website, this is undoubtedly the best website available at your disposal. The website is known for providing multiple tabs employing which the products could be offered. The design of the website could be customized according to the needs and wants of the customer. The website is based on ADI technology and safeguards the data in the best way.


This is the latest website hosting platform for multiple needs. It helps develop e-commerce websites. At the same time, the quality of the website made matches the domain-based websites. It is available to people at a highly reasonable price.


Blogs have become an effective way to interact with the world at large. It has become one of the most convenient ways by which different activities can be carried. Some people make blogs to share their life experiences, while others make blogs to conduct various trading activities. At the same time, blogging is increasingly used to handle Social media platforms and increase the number of followers. Therefore, it has ended up becoming the most famous part-time activity for the people.

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